In a previous life, I made moving images in broadcast design, TV commercials and film while playing various roles such as 2D/3D animator, VFX/CG supervisor, technical director, art director and director.

My unwavering love for art, technology and exploration led me to the Graduate Design Program at Stanford University where I studied design-thinking, user-research and honed my philosophy that encompasses human-centered design to create works that transverse multiple disciplines and across different mediums.

I am currently evolving, post-it-noting possible futures and creating visual stories, products and experiences for humans.

Hello, my name is Dickson and I’m a designer.

Detailed CV available upon request.


Stanford University, 2016
Branding and visual design for the Design Impact program.

Space10 / IKEA Fresh Living Lab, 2016
I was invited to Space10 / IKEA Fresh Living Lab to participate in a design makerthon in Copenhagen, Denmark to create new ideas for future healthier living.

Stanford University, 2015
Teaching assitant for a 4-day design-thinking workshop for corporate executives at the d.School.

Mödenski, 2010 – 2014
Lead Designer, providing design and creative direction for the broadcast, film and game industries.

Director, 2009
Wrote, directed, and produced the film “The Veiled Commodity” and subsequently toured the film in the USA and Canada. The film was the official selection in over 40 film festivals including Festival de Cannes' Short Film Corner.

Zoic Studios, 2007 – 2008
Art Director in the commercials department.

Brand New School, 2003 – 2007
Technical Director, Visual Effects Supervisor and CG Supervisor.

WIT Animation, 2003 – 2004
Technical consultant.

Director’s Bureau, 2004
3D Generalist.

Ocean Monsters, 2003 – 2003
3D Generalist.


Master of Fine Arts in Design, 2014 - 2016
Stanford University, Graduate Design Program

Summer Institute for General Management, 2015
Stanford University, Graduate School of Business

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media, 2000 - 2003
Otis College of Art and Design


Plant Human Interface
Coulter Art Gallery, Stanford University, 2016

Instruments for The Future: Personal Fresh Air Device
Space10 gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015

Kontemp: Food preservation system prototype
Space10 gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015

Plant Friends
Space10 gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015

Personal Statements, Stanford Graduate Design Program, 2015

Meet the Makers, Stanford Product Realization Lab, 2014


The Theodore and Frances Geballe Fellowship, 2014 - 2016
Department of Art & Art History, Stanford University

Summer Institute for General Management Scholarship, 2015
Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Director’s Choice Award for The Veiled Commodity
RINCON International Film Festival 2009, Puerto Rico

Best Animated Short Award for The Veiled Commodity
San Francisco Frozen Film Festival 2009, USA.

Best Animated Short Award for The Veiled Commodity
Detroit Windsor International Film Festival 2009, Canada

Best Animated Short Award for The Veiled Commodity
Bayou City Film Festival 2009, USA

Best Animated Short Nominee, The Veiled Commodity
Long Island International Film Festival 2009, USA


Festival De Cannes - Short Film Corner 2009
Vancouver International Film Festival 2009
Los Angeles United Film Festival 2009
Anchorage International Film Festival 2009
Artivist Film Festival 2009
Asian American International Film Festival 2009
Boston International Film Festival 2009
Delray Beach Film Festival 2009
East Los Angeles International Film Festival 2009
Indianapolis International Film Festival 2009
San Francisco United Film Festival 2009
Jersey Shore Film Festival 2009
Holly Shorts Film Festival 2009
Bronx Independent Film Festival 2009
SF Shorts International Festival of Short Films 2009
Tulsa United Film Festival 2009
SoCal Film Festival 2009
Grand Rapids Film Festival 2009
San Diego Asian Film Festival 2009
Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival 2009
Moondance International Film Festival 2009
Asian Pacific American Film Festival 2009
New York United Film Festival 2009
Chicago United Film Festival 2009
Chicago International Reel Shorts Film Festival 2009
Filmanthropy Film Festival 2009
Short Short Story Film Festival 2009
Indie Memphis Film Festival 2009
Big Bear Lake International Film Festival 2009
Indie Memphis International Film Festival 2010
Burbank International Film Festival 2010
Indie Memphis Freedom Series 2010


VAB Magazine, Netherlands
Plant Friends featured in the February 2015 issue.

PSFK, Trend publication
Plant Friends featured on PSFK in March 2015.

Hackaday, Technology blog
Plant Friends featured on Hackaday in March 2015.

Panama, TV Series, Sweden
The Veiled Commodity featured on Panama TV, Sveriges Television AB (SVT2).

Short Notice, TV Series, USA
The Veiled Commodity featured on Short Notice TV Series, episode 104, MNet America TV network.

Arts Rational 102.7FM, radio program, Canada
Interview on The Veiled Commodity.

Stash, DVD magazine, international
The Veiled Commodity featured in Stash, issue 54.

CG Times Magazine, China
The Veiled Commodity featured in the November 2009 issue.